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I B.Tech I Semester – CIVIL- R18-Regulation
I B.Tech II Semester – CIVIL - R18-Regulation
Theory Practical
MA201BS: Mathematics - II EN207HS: English Language and Communication Skills Lab

ME205ES: Engineering Workshop

CH206BS: Engineering Chemistry Lab
CH202BS: Chemistry
ME203ES: Engineering Mechanics
EN205HS: English
II B.Tech I Semester – CIVIL - R16-Regulation
Theory Practical
MA301BS: Mathematics –IV CE306ES: Strength of Materials Lab

CE307ES: Computer Aided Design-I Lab

CE308ES: Surveying Lab – I

MC400HS: Gender Sensitization Lab
CE302ES: Strength of Materials –I
CE303ES: Fluid Mechanics-1
CE304ES: Building Material, Construction and planning
CE305ES: Surveying
II B.Tech II Semester – CIVIL - R16-Regulation
Theory Practical
*MC400ES: Environmental Science and Technology CE406ES: Fluid Mechanics Lab

CE408ES: Surveying - II Lab

CV407ES: Engineering Geology Lab
CE401ES: Strength of Material - II
CE402ES: Fluid Mechanics - II
CE403ES: Structural Analysis
CV404ES: Engineering Geology
SM405MS: Business Economic and Financial Analysis
III B.Tech I Semester – CIVIL - R16-Regulation
Theory Practical
CE501PC: Concrete Technology CE505PC: Concrete Technology Lab

CE506PC: Geographical Information Systems Lab

CE507PC: Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machinery Lab
CE502PC: Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures
CE503PC: Water Resources Engineering
SM504MS: Fundamentals of Management
ME514OE: Fundamentals Of Mechanical Engineering
III B.Tech II Semester – CIVIL - R16-Regulation
Theory Practical
A60130: Steel Structures Design and Drawing A60194: Geotechnical Engineering Lab

A60086: Advanced Communication Skills Lab
A60119: Environmental Engineering
A60132: Transportation Engineering -I
A60126: Foundation Engineering
A60131: Structural Analysis - II
A60128: Ground Water Hydrology
IV B.Tech I Semester – CIVIL - R15-Regulation
IV B.Tech II Semester – CIVIL - R15-Regulation
Theory Practical
A80150: Pre-stressed Concrete Structures PROJECT
A80151: Rehabilitation and Retrofitting of Structures
A80146: Construction Management